Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day Instagram Challenge

Day 23 “A Challenge”

Right so I’m a bit behind!  Anyway last night I was getting ready for my twice weekly 5K run.  I’m not a “natural athletic type” I wish I was, I’m more your walking, horse riding, being outdoors type…. And then your lying on the sofa with a beer and a box set type!  But, although I only sort of enjoy it… at a push,  feel better after I’ve run, so I’ve decided it’s just what I do to look after myself feel less irritable and sleep better.

(I’ve really enjoyed being part of ParkRun every Saturday morning)


Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day Instagram Challenge

Day 22 Family

We don’t have many photos of us altogether, something I need to work on I think!  This was taken nearly 8 years ago in Spain.  It was our first “go” at taking Jacob on a plane, wheelchair and all and although it wasn’t without it’s challenges I felt like we’d really achieved something.


Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day Instagram Challenge

Day 15 (late!) “my Hero”

I’ve swapped things about a bit, and I’m a day late on account of the bank holiday.  Here’s Jacob and his Daddy who’s funnier and altogether more entertaining than me.  Jacob’s hero, who manages to keep him calm and step in when I can’t stay calm either!

Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day Instagram Challenge

Day 14 “Medication”

Medication is a difficult one for Jacob.  It’s hard to diagnose his symptoms because he learning disability is so profound so obviously that makes treating him a tricky business.  He doesn’t react in the expected way to drugs either.  Respiridone is quite a “sledge hammery” sort of med, but it works well for him.  We tried a couple of other most subtle medications but they made him feel worse…..And when I say feel worse, well we don’t actually know how they made him feel cos he can’t tell us. But his behavior was worse and he obviously wasn’t happy! So yeh, bit of a try it and see job really!


Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day Instagram Challenge

Day 11 “What I had for breakfast”

Jacobs got a huge appetite, but then it’s hard work being him.  He’s never still.  His very particular combination of Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD means he never stops moving, unless hes asleep.  Even the process of falling asleep involves patting, chewing and fidgeting.  So he needs a good brekkie.  Two weetabix (chocolate if possible) yogurt and banana.  At the weekend he often has a second breakfast too, a fried egg  sandwich chaser goes down well!

Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day Challenge

Day  10 “To Do List”

I have a book, and it all goes in the book.  Whether it’s a work meeting, a Jacob meeting or meal plan , it’s all in there. It’s my Book of knowledge. Every few days I collate a list. If it’s not on the list it’s not going to happen.  I’m a good procrastinator but somehow the thought of crossing something off the list is motivation in itself to get it done.  I tend to do the Jacob stuff in chunks, especially the “chasing up”.  I sometimes can’t stand to leave another message for that person not to get back to me, so admittedly I put it off.  When I’m in a better frame of mind I get back on it.  It’s a strategy I’ve developed to stop me getting too cross to speak to anyone sensibly!



Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day Instagram Challenge

Day 9 “My favorite Pajamas”

Jacob needs fairly warm PJs all year round as he often finds his way out from under his duvet.  He doesn’t have the understanding to cover himself over , or the skills required to do so.  He’s not really bothered about his soft toys either.  Apart from his Leapfrog Scout, his Gruffalo and this stripey bear that Charlotte gave him.  He doesn’t cuddle them, but he spends a lot of time and concentration bending the arms backwards and forward, it’s and important business…. And chewing them, he loves to chew!