Undiagnosed Childrens Day Instagram Challenge

Day 13 “What’s in your bag?”

This is Jacobs bag.  We try to be prepared when we take him out so although he’s 13 years old he has a change of clothes, pads, drink, a small toy,  chewy tube, the Rada key (disabled toilets are often locked) and baby wipes.  I think I’ll always keep baby wipes handy. I’ve been know to clean my whole car interior with baby wipes!  Jacob often has ear defenders with him.  He can easily become overwhelmed when he first enters a new environment.  Sometimes ear defenders help…Sometimes they don’t.  The Ipad isn’t for playing games, we’re trying a new communication app out, but it’ll be a long time before Jacob has any chance of using it purposefully so  we need to use it with him whenever we can to show him whats possible.



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