Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day Instagram Challenge

Day 4 Siblings

Well, I’ve really struggled to pick a photo for today as I’ve lots of of them together I love, and I could’t take a new one as Charlotte’s away from home at University. This was taken nearly 4 years ago now and yes I know it’s one I’ve posted to Facebook before but well, it looks like a regular sister and brother playing.  Jacob adores his sister, she’s always funny, but he never misses an opportunity to make a lunge for her hair! I get asked how has your daughter been affected by Jacob’s issues and truthfully I think in a good way although there have been situations I wouldn’t have chosen for her, obviously. Certainly there have been times (mainly when she was younger ) that we wanted to protect her from how things were and, although we’ve tried, family life is different than if he’d been your average brother. The thing is you can’t actually protect your kids from what randomly happens you can only help them find a way through it.  Up until recently she would be upset and fiercely protective of him when people stared, but now I think she’s passed it and like me (most of the time) really sees it as their problem. I think, as far as she’s concerned, she misses him now she’s away but he’s loud and annoying  most of the time….so just your usual sibling stuff then!



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