Swan UK Bloggers on Tour

This Saturday I found myself off to Birmingham for the second time this week. Earlier in the week I was speaking at a joint childrens’ and genetics meeting (blog to follow) and this time I’m off to meet a whole bunch of Swan UK bloggers.

I’ve been looking forward to this but it’s not until I’m in the car I realise that I’m a bit nervous. Out of the 13 ladies attending today I’ve only met two of them in the flesh as it were! But the others I feel I know anyway. Before Swan UK I hadn’t appreciated this world of virtual friendships, hugs, insider jokes and shared experience, both ups and downs.  Anyway I spent the first half an hour or so say “on it’s you!…We’re all real! 2  As the morning starts I wonder if this sort of thing happens often.  Do bloggers on a particular topic ever get the chance to meet and exchange ideas?

All our blogs are different ‘cos all our experiences are different but that’s what makes us the same. Same struggles and achievements but for different reasons.  As I’ve said before “We are all the same because we are all completely different”

Some of us have been blogging for years and have some great sites. My head’s full of ideas; plug ins’ domains, .org or .com?, links to other sites…. The list goes on. I know I really need to get to grips with the terminology and I make loads of notes including a mental one to find an online tutorial.   I came to blogging quite late (and after a little gentle pushing for which I am grateful!)  I had tried it when Jacob was about 3 years old, but I didn’t find it the satisfying experience I do know.  In fact quite the opposite.  It made me angry and ranty and I didn’t produce anything useful or to be proud of.  Fast forward a few more years and I had an idea of what I wanted my blog to be, helpful, informative, eye-opening (to those not in this world ) Above all I had an idea of what I didn’t want it to be; a rant, self-indulgent or something that would make people feel sorry for us.  Anyway (other than my post about social services!) I think I achieve this…most of the time.  It’s true though I do use my blog as a way of looking at an issue and sorting things out, as what ever it’s about I want it to be a positive reflection.  Funny that whilst I was working in a proper professional job before Jacob, (my previous life) there was so much emphasis on reflective practise and now I’m not doing that job anymore I’m actually doing the reflective practice properly! Is that irony? I think it is .

We spend the morning discussing strategies for Undiagnosed Childrens’ Day 2016 (top secret obviously) What are the important issues to our members and what’s our key message? It’s fascinating to get an understanding of how a campaign takes shape.

The afternoon concentrates on Twitter, WordPress and using social media. Something I really need. I use Twitter but for professional “SEN Mummy, Swan parent Rep “stuff, not socially as I use Facebook so it has taken me a while to get to grips with it.  You never know you could soon see me on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr!

Shameless plug …. Follow me on Twitter @swanmumjo

By the end of the day my brain is full, lots of ideas for my blog and at least 3 new titles (watch this space) I just need to get it all down before all my ideas fall out of my head to make room for other things! One things for sure I know I’ve just been at something very special and I’m more than a bit proud to be considered part of this group of lovely people.








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